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Reinventing the Urban Park

March 30, 2010 Leave a comment

“Reinventing the Urban Park” – Seattle Olympic Sculpture Park

In our busy daily lives, especially for most of the U.S. city dwellers trapped in concrete jungles, it has been becoming essential to have a doze of nature.

There may be many ways to use previously contaminated land. But by restoring the land with public resources that seamlessly blends the built environment of downtown with a healthy and meticulously maintained natural environment, the Olympic Sculpture Park shows that urban life and natural environment can be mutually respectful and even complementary. The park also brings necessary environmental education to the public, while providing free mental nourishment in the form of art and natural views.

I hope to see more thoughtful urban development like this park in the future, and hopefully I can be the one who accomplishes it by my own hands someday.

Seattle Olympic Sculpture Park


The site before the park was built





Image Source: ‘Seattle to World’

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Hello Everyone-!!

March 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Hi, everyone!

Welcome to my new blog.

I created this weblog to inspire other designers and myself by sharing information about the future of design, tracking the design innovations, practices and materials that are pushing contemporary design towards a smarter and more sustainable future.

In particular, my focus is centered in architecture and an emerging category called ‘Green Design’. I am frustrated seeing the ‘green design’ as if sustainability is somehow separated from good design in general. In my opinion, however, all design should be inherently ‘Green’. Good design is no longer about color, style, or trends, but instead about considering the user, the experience, and the impact of a design on the surrounding environment.

I’d like to make this space where everyone freely shares thoughts and ideas about whatever contemporary issues in design and arts. And of course, your comment is always appreciated.

Again thank you for visiting!

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