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From Cactus to Skyscraper

“Nature-inspired Design” – From Cactus to Skyscraper

Today’s post features the new office of the Ministery of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture’ (MMAA) in Qatar designed by the designers and architects at Bangkok-based Aesthetics Architects.

In recent years, Biomimicry (an emerging design discipline that studies nature’s best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems) has been catching on big time in the architecture domain.

As a dweller of Arizona where cactuses are found in abundance, this stunning building structure instantly drew my great attention. Borrowing an idea from nature and its adaptive strategies, the unique design of this innovative project was penciled down keeping in mind the exceptionally hot and arid conditions of the region.

To take shape in the dry and arid Qatar (much like Arizona in the U.S.), the building is shaped like a prickly cactus that does all it can to keep the sun out and store the water. The structure uses the sun shades on its windows, which can open and close to keep out the heat as per the requirements throughout the day and night.

cactus skyscraper 5 Giant Cactus Takes Shape in Qatar
Source: Freshome – ‘Giant Cactus Takes Shape in Qatar’
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