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The Dance of Fire

April 1, 2010 Leave a comment

“The Dance of Fire” – Stunning Contemporary Fireplaces

A fireplace brings harmony and beauty to our home.                                                                 By having a fireplace at a living room or kitchen, it is ideal for creating the romantic and cosy atmosphere for the whole family. Even when you are alone this evening, the wonderful flames will set the relaxing and inspiring mood.                                                                                   This is the place where you can linger with great pleasure and dream. Contemporary innovative fireplaces can be the perfect way to decorate your apartments and add the stylish point to the whole design concept.

Among the models of the modern fireplaces you can find whatever you want: minimalistic items, the luxurious examples of the classical style, impressive fireplaces made of glass and a number of others. This post features the gorgeous examples of the mentioned above fireplaces.

I hope you all can find this inspiring. Now let’s browse them!

Source: “Modecodesign” – Stunning contemporary Fireplace Designs